How To Take A Screenshot On a Mac?

Many of us use MacOS and we have to deal with different sets of operations and things to help us save important things without getting into complex operations. While dealing with Mac you can do the simple steps to save, share or edit the image that you have taken. You can easily save the screenshot or take window screens saved to your desktop with the following actions.

How To Take A Screenshot On a Mac?

To take a screenshot on your MacOS Mojave make sure to use the Shift + command 5to reveal the screenshot options on your screen which will show you the options that are there to see.

You can then select the kind of screenshot you want to take from it as the options appear in front on the screen.

After the options are there, you have to take the following steps:

  • Click on the option you need to use and you will see your pointer changes to the camera.
  • Click on the screen to captre the screenshot
  • Mark up if needed or save the screenshot by swiping it to the right.

To take a screenshot of a window:

  • Click on the controls on the screen and your pointer turns into a camera.
  • Capture the screenshot of the desired window by clicking on it and save or markup if needed.

To capture the selected portion of the screen

To capture a selected area you may choose the  option.

Drag the lines to mark the area you need to capture and make sure to click on it and click capture to get  the screenshot of the selected area.


In case if you are looking for Markup, or save you can do the following:

  • After taking the screenshot, a thumbnail appears at the right corner on the lower side. The screenshot is automatically saved.
  • To markup, click on it and the thumbnail will open up and markup tools are used to edit the screenshot. After that, you can click on   if you need to share it with someone.
  • To save the screenshot in a document, you can just drag it to that and save it as per your needs.
  • For saving your screenshot the Mac uses the saving name as the Screenshot + date + time and .png for the file.
  • In case if you don’t need to take the screenshot anymore you can simply press escape and do not proceed with that action.
  • The control key is used and press and hold the control key in case if you need to save the screenshot on clipboard rather than the desktop.
  • You can also use the screenshot options in case if you need to change the save location after saving it on the desktop.
  • Opening the screenshot preview also allows you to change the file format as per your needs.


It is better to make use of the options if you are in need of getting the screenshot with clarity and precision on your screen. The tools are provided to help in capturing the desired screenshots in no time.


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